We have been living full time in our skoolie a little over 2 years now, and over that time I’ve learned a lot. Every tiny dweller is different, but a few things are always the same. I figured since Christmas is coming up I would share my top 5 tiny dweller must haves. If you don’t have theses things, are you really even a tiny dweller?


Every tiny dweller needs their reusable water bottle. Why you ask? Because, we care about the Earth, unlike all those people living in normal houses. Please note, your bottle must be covered by at least 13 1/2 stickers, and no less. I highly recommend 1-2 stickers that say something about living tiny and minimalism (our favorite is the “Home is Where You Park It“), just to make sure everyone at the local coffee shop knows you are one of the cool people.

If you don’t already have your own logo and dye cut sticker get one, and stick it on there, how else will you be prompted to tell everyone about your social media accounts? You need to include your favorite brand of outdoor clothing, and of course, a sticker from all the national parks you’ve visited.


Got a cough? Student loan debt? Put some Lavender oil on it!  Soon your whole life will change! But really, when living tiny you’re going to want to cover up the swamp smell of that composting toilet with a few drops of your favorite oils (Glade, candles, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, deodorant, etc  = chemicals). Get yourself a diffuser and a friend who wants you to join their team. DoTerra, Young  Living, olive oil from Costco put that stuff on everything.


How else will you share your witty thoughts with the internet? “AINT NO HOOD LIKE MOTHERHOOD” am I right? “FIRST I DRINK THE COFFEE, THAN I DO THE THINGS” you’re only as clever as your letter board quote.

If you’re taking more pictures of your kids than your letter board, your priorities are WRONG! Get yourself a tiny letter board to bring along for photographing those perfect adventures to the zoo “MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS A SLOTH” You feel me?! How did we ever document our kid’s 34th month on this Earth without these things??!


Cold? NOPE, not with my puffy jacket on. Have I told you about its life time warrantee? I wear this thing from September-May. I wear it in the morning, and in the afternoon, I wear it in the evening underneath the moon, oh skid-a-ma-rinky dinky dink skid-a-ma-rinky dinky doo.

(pictured above is a tiny dweller pack in their natural habitat, whiskey, pipes, and fire pit used to attract the animals, no tiny dwellers were harmed during the creation of this photo)


If you don’t own one of these get one STATT! Its the number 1 most important piece in my wardrobe. Tiny dwellers don’t shower, and our priority is always water conservation. You have to have this beanie, in this color to cover up your dirty hair or a custom embroidered trucker hats at Customized-Wear. Give it a quick spritz of your favorite essential oil when it stinks like dirty hair, NEVER WASH, it wastes water.

I know this might all sound like a joke…but I really do have each of these items, including friends who sell oils. I use all of these items daily and do recommend using products that don’t damage your body or the Earth. If you want to be a true tiny dweller be sure to put all of these items on your Christmas list along with a year long membership to Planet Fitness, not to work out, just for the free wifi and the showers (they don’t actually use real water so its safe to bathe there).

If you feel I forgot any must haves please be sure to share them in the comments below.

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