Teaching Through Experience

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Teaching Through Experience

We homeschool.

Do I think homeschooling is right for everyone? No, if you choose not to or you aren’t willing….its not right for you. Every family has different priorities none more important or better than the next.  I don’t judge anyone for having different priorities than us. Everyone is different and we are all doing the best we can to get through life.

We like to travel and we LOVE to travel when no one else is traveling. Disneyland in September, and the last week of February is magical and walking onto every ride, churro in each hand is perfection.  Hotels, national parks, and RV parks are dead and much cheaper. I want to be able to park off the coast of Malibu and say we will stay until we feel like leaving.  Road trip through California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and up to Alaska and not answer to anyone.

I don’t blame or judge anyone for not homeschooling but it IS the right choice for us. We put Cayden in school for kindergarten after a 10 week try at homeschooling.  I had a 5 month old and way too many hormonal changes messing with my emotions to be an effective mother and homeschool teacher (I’ve since sorted all of that out).  It was a great decision at that time and it really helped solidify my decision to keep him home this year.  In 7 months my son had 26 absences not counting holidays. He had 13 late arrivals and I never turned in homework.

“Reason for tardy?” ….ummm we went out for doughnuts

“Why was Cayden absent for the week?” ….We went to Disneyland with our friends

We were blessed with an amazing teacher and if I could guarantee she would be my kid’s teacher every year I’d probably consider public school. Cayden went into kindergarten scoring 100% on his tests and came out scoring 100%. I asked if I could move him up to 1st grade and the district did not allow that. His teacher challenged him and worked hard to always keep him engaged but I cant guarantee that every year. She never hassled me for not doing homework with him. The principle, and district’s rules on the other hand, didnt agree with us.

I believe that too many people live for the weekend. I want my kids to work hard and live with purpose but I don’t want them thinking that a 9-5 is the ONLY option. I want them to see things, experience nature, feel God and connect with His people. Don’t get me wrong math, reading, writing etc are important but I want them to come naturally.  Not because there is a test they need to score high on so their over worked teacher can keep his or her job but because they love reading Harry Potter, want to learn more about the Bible, or they enjoy learning fractions through baking cookies. I want them to love to learn and desire knowledge because its fun.

We try to complete school 4 days a week. Sometimes its 3 days because the botanical gardens just opened a Bugatorium and we love bugs (when I say “we” I mean them). Sometimes we cuddle, read books, build forts and pretend its the Treb Movie Theatre so we can stream Sponge Bob Squarepants and old eat halloween candy.  Its not always easy to get them to focus. I don’t always ask in a calm voice for them to pay attention and I do yell at Reagan to “get off the table” too much. It’s how we have chosen to educate our children and in the end. Its up to you. Its your choice. Patience is a choice. Kids have to be taught to focus and obey. Everything is a choice. Its often rough but a great joy. We work hard to make it work. Unless met with unfortunate circumstances most parents are capable of teaching and children capable of learning at home.

Too often school is a place for teaching obiedience rather than a love for learning.  Sit down, stop talking, no running, hold still, and pay attention! These things are the priority. Sometimes we as parents need to stop trying to please the other adults and do what we feel is right for our kids.  Our babies are spending 7 hours out of the day in a classroom away from us and then when they get home we are expected to sit down and force them to do more school work. When really all they want to do is go climb a tree, play and have a conversation with their parents.

I guess my point is…after an 7 hour day at school if your kid doesn’t want to do homework throw it on the ground, build a fort and watch a movie together instead.

….and please don’t choose to go to Disneyland in May, June, and July.  Take your kids out of school for the week and go when its dead I promise you’ll have zero regrets!




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