Trailer Renovations Before and After

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Trailer Renovations Before and After

Before Before

Bathroom Before  Bathroom Before Bathroom After Bathroom After Master bedroom before Master bedroom before

What was replaced

  • All counter tops (kitchen, bedroom nightstands, bathroom)
  • faucets (bathroom and kitchen)
  • queen mattress
  • bathroom wall
  • water pump
  • battery
  • tires
  • shower head
  • propane tanks

What was renovated:

  • wall paint
  • cabinet paint
  • wood flooring
  • cabinet handles
  • window coverings ripped out
  • refrigerator: stainless steel contact paper
  • removed weird pad above entry door
  • removed built in entertainment center (between master and kitchen)
  • all vent covers spray painted
  • light switches painted
  • dinette table painted
  • doors painted
  • dinette cushions reupholstered
  • backsplash of peel and stick subway tiles in bathroom and kitchen
  • added minimal decor (america, mirror, plant, spice rack, hanging fake plant, American flag etc.)

I would say the renovation took 1 month of on and off working 3-5 hours a night. Everything was pretty easy except painting because painting SUCKS. It was a great starter project and taught us a lot.



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