I can’t believe it has been over a year since we first moved on the bus!  We first moved into our bus in October 2016.  After moving, we spent the next 4 months on the road traveling the western US states.  During this time we would spend almost 30 days in Disney land 😬, see the Redwoods, play in the pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach, head to San Diego, and much much more!

Upon returning from our trip, I (Brandon) had the opportunity to start another company in downtown Albuquerque.  Given that there are few places to park downtown and commuting would not have been in my best interest, we decided to move the family into a loft downtown while I worked on the company.  This was a very interesting experience. We live above a pizza place (which was super rad) however as we would discover, it was also a biker bar.  So, all night Friday – Sunday, we would hear motorcycles ripping down the street until 3am. Going from peaceful bus living to busy loud downtown living was quite a change of pace.

After the company got moving, we moved back out to the suburb of Corrales into another rental while we made the necessary upgrades to the bus to make it even more livable.  This included raising and tiling the shower, adding “privacy doors” to the kids bunks, and many more tweaks based on things we learned while traveling on the road.

Check out our YouTube Video where we show our first night on the bus.  Jackson (our middle son) also gives you a quick bus tour. We will be posting an official tour in the coming months.  Make sure to comment and subscribe!

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Happy Travels!

Moving In Day And Unofficial Bus Tour

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