One of our highest priorities is quality sleep. Brandon and I are very strict about our children’s sleep and about our sleep. We knew that when we built our room in the bus we weren’t going to skimp on the size of our bed. So we chose a pusher engine so that we could build our king sized bed on top.

On the sides of the bed we both have bed side shelves. Mine is always full and Brandon’s not so much. I keep magnesium supplements,  Aveda Hand Relief (it’s my fav), my journal  , my phone and the controller to our electric blanket (yes, we use an electric blanket and it feels like a warm hug) on my side. Brandon keeps his watch and phone on his and sometimes my water bottle.

We sleep with specific pillows and take our pillows with us when ever we travel (princess and the pea style). When I make the bed we have 6 pillows on top and at night we use all six to make us feel like we are laying in a show room bed on the top floor of Dillard’s. I also am super OCD about my sheets staying clean. Requiring that when I get out of bed that the bed is made in case someone accidentally gets on the bed while somewhat dirty. Our bed is the most comforting place I’ve ever been in. It’s like an adult fort! I also love that unlike in a house there’s no room for monsters to hide under it. I no longer have to run and jump into my bed.

Bedding : Bed of Roses Comforter

Sheet Set : Pirate Stripe Sheet Set 

Her side of the bedhis side of the bed


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