“It must be nice to have a husband that helps you so much” 

I have something I want to talk about that may offend people but I’m done censoring my thoughts in hopes of making everyone happy.  My husband and I are the best of friends, I love spending time with him more than any other human on this earth! He is the kindest most amazing man Ive ever met and I am eternally grateful for being able to do life alongside him. So understand I am thankful for him!


Here it goes….My husband is not helping me by taking care of his kids! My husband is not helping me by doing the dishes or putting away laundry. My husband is not helping me by preparing a meal. My husband is a parent.

I wasn’t the only one that decided to have 3 children and I wasn’t the only participant in making them so of course he’s going to be a part of parenting them. Too often this world praises men for caring for their own children and looks down on women who don’t carry the entire load at home. 

Brandon runs a software company and at times he’s working 40+ hour weeks and at times he works 10 hour weeks. On the 40+ weeks I don’t expect him to be with me at field trips carrying my bag (I don’t ever expect it but he’s a gentleman like that). But on the 10 hour weeks he enjoys accompanying me to the lavender farm, getting the kids out of the carand packing their lunch while I apply an extra coat of mascara before we walk out the door.

I have a moms night at least once a month where I meet my best friends and complain about all out first world problems, make terrible sex jokes, and drink tea. He doesn’t “babysit” the kids when Im gone. He doesn’t take care of all MY chores while Im out. This is our home and doing things around this home are just as much for him as they are for me.

This last week Brandon took the boys out on a wonderful camping trip. He didn’t do it to give me a break but to spend quality time with HIS boys. He is not a nanny or a babysitter he is their parent. It is just as important for him to be fully involved in their life as it is for me to. 

Ok Ill step down from my soap box now that I set things straight.



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