Yep, we do!

We decided 4 years ago that homeschooling was right for our family. We love the freedom to travel when ever we want.

My oldest spent 1 semester in kindergarten. In those 4 months of school we missed 26 days and were late 12 days.  I would sign him in at the office and the front desk lady would ask “why is he late…today?” most of the time my answer was we “went out for doughnuts” or “we stayed up late watching a movie”. I told the truth, 🍩 are important to our family.  We value being able spend time together and just plain DO WHAT WE WANT!

Don’t you worry they won’t get enough socialization?

NO! My kids see 1 or more of their cousins or friends everyday of the week. We have an amazing group of homeschool kids and moms (not the denim skirt wearing super conservative women but supportive, Jesus loving, forward thinking, tattooed up women and I ❤️ them) that we do life with. Also they do tae kwon do 1-4 days a week.  The boys are enrolled in a weekly class where they learn 🔬 science, history, and literature📕 from 8:30-3:30 (hallelujah, mama loves Tuesdays!)

Our main reasons for homeschooling

  • We love to travel
  • We like to encourage their strengths and passions allowing them to spend more time learning what they love.
  • We build our own curriculum which allows for the kids to learn at their own pace and in their own style and with the help of kindergarten worksheets that are available, kids learn faster and grow up to be more creative.
  • We don’t adhered to a strict schedule and have never been slaves to corporate America this is something that we want to impart upon our kids and encourage them to seek out their own way.

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