Many people wonder how a converted school bus could have a master bedroom with a king sized bed, ample storage, and all of the amenities of a modern bedroom. In this post, we take you on a tour of our converted school bus bedroom and some of the various storage areas that we have created.

Most of our bus’s storage is located in the back of the bus. These two wood pieces make up the majority of essential storage in our home. This area contains some of our every day essentials.

Pink Dresser

The pink drawers are our family’s dresser. We keep ALL of our clothes in here. Brandon has the top drawer,  I have the second, the boys share the third, and Rea shares the bottom drawer with our towels, washcloths and cleaning rags. Although all of our clothes fit nicely in one dresser, I still feel that there is more room for some downsizing in our future.

In the top of this piece we keep our toilet paper, scale, and a few physical books. We love to reading, and keep most of our library on our Kindle’s, however it’s fun to keep the Tim Ferris books around for some light reading from time to time :). I also keep my camera and it’s bag in there for quick access. The grey container holds my blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener.

Grey Dresser

Under this grey piece is where we keep our water pump, water heater, and our accumulator. The wooden butcher block is on a slide, and is used as a standing desk for Brandon when we are on the road. The long skinny drawer is where we keep our papers, our National Park passport book, our go pro and all other camera accessories.

The 1st top small drawer is where we keep every day toiletries, a few pieces of turquoise jewelry, hairbrushes, combs and anything I need to take out of my pockets at the end of the night. In the 2nd drawer is medicine, first aid kits, bandaids and other ‘health’ related items. The bottom drawer is all of Reagan’s hair bows, hair ties, bobby pins, floss, qtips, cotton balls, essential oils, etc.

On top we keep Brandon and I’s shoes in the wood bins (well mostly mine).  Also our vacuum lives up here as well, along with its accessories and a few clip on battery powered fans for when we boondock..

One of the major things we have learned since moving on to a converted school bus is to keep only the essentials.  This took quite a while to decide what we needed vs what we didn’t however we really tried to stick to the $20 and 20 minutes rule. (i.e. if we don’t use it often and it’s less than $20/20 minute drive, get rid of it).

Thanks for reading about our converted school bus bedroom and if you want to see the drawers in more detail, head on over to our Instagram and check out the story highlight titled “Master Bedroom”.


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