Yeah, I know.  We just bought a trailer. We just bought a truck to pull that trailer.  We just spent a month renovating our new trailers dandenong. Well guess what WE DO WHAT WE WANT.

…and I really want a bus!

Our friends The Millers over at Miller Adverntures loved the idea of traveling with us after we bought our first camping trailer.  Which for them soon turned into a life changing, purge everything, sell their house, become the wealthiest people we know, and move into a bus….in our backyard idea. Over the past three months we have watched them transform an ugly yellow bus into a tiny home on wheels. Its amazing!

Obviously, it was only a matter of time until we jumped on the Skoolie wagon and bought one of our own.

Our family loves adventure. We love freedom and not being tied down to a schedule.  My husband, Brandon owns a software company Pixegon and ultimately when we started our company the goal was to work less and travel more.  We homeschool for that very same reason. Who wants to be tied down to yet another schedule? Not us.

Once we made the decision to homeschool our oldest, we knew road tripping would be a large part of our lives. We bought a trailer, a truck, and spent the spring of 2015 renovating a 2004 Prowler travel trailer.  You can go now to the link provided here to get the right insurance for your truck and trailer. It took me almost a month working every night to rid that thing of it’s floral padded walls and dirty laminate tile flooring. After a new coat of paint and some ikea fixtures on the cabinets it looks and feels like home….ish.

Inside the Prowler before renovation  Inside the Prowler before renovation

While renovating the trailer I couldn’t help but notice how unbelievably cheap and horribly manufactured these things are.  Which then led me to think about how much easier and cost effective a bus is to travel in.

Cost break down for trailer:

  • Trailer: $6,000
  • Renovations: $1000-1500
  • Excursion to pull trailer: $9500
  • Insurance for Excursion: $100/month
  • Total: $18,000  +$100/mo

Cost break down for school bus:

  • Bus: $4400
  • Travel (gas and flights): $210 + $600
  • Conversion budget: $4000-5000
  • Insurance: $30/month
  • Total: $10,570 (ish)

After going over the costs alone made me realize the bus was a better way to go.  I could customize it to fit our family perfectly. I could utilize space better. I could homeschool while Brandon drives and Brandon could comfortably work while I drive. The electric and plumbing will be organized and easily accessible if needed to be replaced. No surprises that we wont be prepared for or not know how to fix.  Plus I could use my power tools for something more than a DIY coffee table and derby cars.

So why the hell not?

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