We are a minimalist family of 5 currently living in our self converted school bus.  We love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve learned a lot through living minimal.  Owning less has truly allowed us to live more!


Brandon and I (Ashley) are high school sweethearts.  We grew up in the small town of Rio Rancho, NM and met one another in 6th grade. We both still call NM our home, no matter where we are nothing beats the smell of green chilé roasting in the fall and the sight of hot air balloons floating over the view of the Sandia Mountains.

Brandon was born in Arizona, and most of his family still lives out there so we visit AZ often.  Brandon comes from a family of 6, and I have 1 brother.  We both are first borns, with type A personalities. I was born and raised here in NM, but spent a few years and most summers in Boston, MA with my dad.

B has always had a passion for computers, so naturally when it was time for college he got his degree in computer science. Right away, Brandon and I perused the “American dream”, go to college/cosmetology school, finance cars, buy a house, have a kid and live pay check to pay check. Quickly we realized that this life wasn’t easy. Living in debt is TERRIBLE. We made a plan.

We rented out our first home, sold our financed car, bought beater cars with cash, and moved into a home that we staged for $250 a month. We were required to move if the house sold but over 1 year we budgeted and quickly became debt free.

Brandon was the lead mobile developer at the company he worked at, managed a team he built from the ground up. We felt called to start our own business, but never really wanted to take the leap. One night we sat down and prayed together. Asked God to show us evidently what was right for us. The next morning Brandon was laid off. From that day forward we started Pixegon developing mobile apps. We have had ups and downs. We love the opportunity that has been given to us, but we also love living minimally and knowing that if everything crumbled we’d be just fine living in the bus.

The success of our business has allowed me to be able to stay home with the kids, and pursue the things I’m passionate about homeschooling, blogging, and traveling. Living small has taken the pressure off Brandon, allowing him to take time off when he wants, work on projects he loves and work remote. The freedom that minimalist living allows is the best opportunity we have ever been given.


Cayden is our 1st born son he’s brilliant and bossy. Type A to the max. Loves video games which we have to regulate. He has read more books than Brandon and I combined. He’s an expert arguer and can get out of any punishment if we hear him out. He has a strong leader personality and gets super embarrassed if you sing to him…so we do that a lot. He has a huge heart and is a spitting image of me (Ashley).

Our second born, Jackson is by far the most like Brandon. Bouncing off the walls constantly. We have to send him outside within an hour of waking up to get the wiggles out. He doesn’t use the ladder to climb into his bed just hoists himself up does a flip and jumps into bed. He’s a natural teacher (just like dad). He has taught multiple friends to ride their bikes without training wheels. He’s passionate about BMX, swimming and sweets. He’s a snuggler and loves his back tickled. Sensitive and strong would describe him best.

This is Reagan. We call her Rea the Cray. She wakes up ready to brawl. She’s strong and full of life. She was our quickest walker at 8 months. She’s tough and loves “her boys”. She is the only girl in our family surrounded by brothers and boy cousins who adore her. Shes a dancer and an artist. Rode her bike without training wheels at 20 months thanks to her brother. She’s feminine and fierce. Her eyes are the color of the blue sky and she’s never allowed to date!