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Master Bed On Our Converted School Bus

  One of our highest priorities is quality sleep. We are very strict about our children’s sleep and about our sleep. We knew that when we built our room in the bus we weren’t going to skimp on the size of our bed. We chose a pusher engine so that we could build out our king […]

Do You Homeschool Your Kids?

Yep, we do! We decided 4 years ago that homeschooling was right for our family. We love the freedom to travel when ever we want. My oldest spent 1 semester in kindergarten. In those 4 months of school we missed 26 days and were late 12 days.  I would sign him in at the office […]

Parenting In 300ish Square Feet

Parenting is a challenge! Whether on a bus or in a “normal house”! We haven’t found it to be much harder than when we were in a traditional home. What is it like to parent 3 children in a tiny home? = PROS less chores to fight over fewer toys to cleanup intentional living lessons […]

Downsizing – 5 Steps To Get Started

Before we knew our destiny of living minimally on a school bus, we were constantly “decluttering” our lives.  Every week I (Ashley) would single out a room, and tackle it.  I would frequently day dream about the tiny containers that would fit perfectly within my bigger containers to organize my over cluttered life.  I spent […]

Moving Into The Bus And Unofficial Bus Tour

I can’t believe it has been over a year since we first moved on the bus!  We first moved into our bus in October 2016.  After moving, we spent the next 4 months on the road traveling the western US states.  During this time we would spend almost 30 days in Disney land 😬, see the […]

Tiny House Festivals

Tiny House Festivals: Some Observations After Attending

Over the past two years that we have been on the bus, we have attended multiple Tiny House festivals and meetups.  We absolutely love showing off our bus and meeting the amazing people that are part of the community.  Here are a few interesting things that I have discovered over the past year or so. […]

We Are Officially On YouTube – Our Very First Intro Video

We have been threatening for some time to create content for YouTube.  Well, we have finally cracked the seal and uploaded an intro video. We had an absolute blast making the video (I believe that is pretty obvious). A few plans for future videos include: Bus Tour Move In Video Q&A How we school kids […]

The Essentials in Our Minimalist Kitchen

The kitchen in our bus is my (Ashley’s) sanctuary.  It’s where I spend most of my time and I think it’s beautiful! I look back at the kitchen I had in my house.  I liked that space however it was also a place of a lot of frustration.  It was an area where there was always […]

Bus Demo

Over the past month or so, we embarked on an adventure to “Demo” the bus.  This turned out to be quite the task and we hope to never have to do it again. I’m partially kidding as we now realize that demoing the bus is a right of passage for any skoolie owner.  Demoing is […]

Teaching Through Experience

We homeschool. Do I think homeschooling is right for everyone? No, if you choose not to or you aren’t willing….its not right for you. Every family has different priorities none more important or better than the next.  I don’t judge anyone for having different priorities than us. Everyone is different and we are all doing […]

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